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My Approach

My approach first and foremost is to provide a safe, warm and respectful space for my clients. I see the therapeutic process as a collaborative effort in which I work together with my clients to offer guidance and insight in areas they may be struggling with. I see my role as someone who can hold space to allow for clients to share their story and gain perspective on how they would like things to look different. 

My theoretical orientation is rooted in the systems approach. This focuses on how individuals function in relation to the core relationships around them. An individual's family of origin can be at the center of their relational experiences in the world. I feel that these core relationships shape who we are as individuals. They can impact how we develop relationships in our lives and maintain them. I believe that many of our experiences, beliefs and thoughts are connected to these relationships.

Some of the other approaches that I draw from include cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, internal family systems and mindfulness based therapy. I believe that shifting or reframing that message that we send to ourselves on a daily basis can help to bring about change. In addition, becoming centered and focused to quiet all the noise can help to bring an individual back in touch with the quiet calm space in their lives. I believe that every client has a life story that has helped shape who they are. Sometimes the perspective on that story can leave individuals feeling stuck or paralyzed and unable to move forward in their lives. I believe helping to explore each client's story can shift their view of themselves within this story. This can be a very powerful tool to help bring about change.

I see each client as a unique individual. I believe that everyone moves at a different pace with change. I am mindful of this when working with clients. My role is provide a warm, caring and respectful environment. I believe this will allow for each individual to feel comfortable to move towards living a whole and more fulfilling.

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